About FXIM

What kind of company is FXIM?
FXIM is a global foreign exchange trading company with dependable pricing which focuses on providing comprehensive services that fully satisfy our clients while making their trust and confidence our number one priority.
In order to provide the best online foreign exchange trading service, FXIM is run by traders, web programmers, and financial service executives.
Does FXIM operate on a global scale?
Yes, FXIM operates on a global scale, and we have customers all over the world. For this reason we have staff that speak a multitude of languages to provide our customers with support.
Does FXIM deduct taxes from the accounts?
FXIM will never deduct any taxes, fees, costs, or commissions from our client's accounts. FXIM is an enterprise which is registered in the British Virgin Islands, and as such has no obligation to report the financial situations of our clients to the government of any country. All tax-related obligations are the responsibility of our clients.
Are an account management fee and the transaction fees charged?
Yes, it's free.
Would you advise the market from FXIM?
FXIM does not advise the market.

About a demonstration account

What is a demonstration account?
demo account is an account where you can get experience with our company's trading system. After you understand enough about how to use pratform and what it can do, we recommend trading with a real account.
A demo account does not use real money, instead, you can make trades with fictitious money, which does not generate real gains or losses. Withdrawals cannot be made from demo accounts for that reason. Please see the Manual for how to apply for a demo account.
Does the demonstration account of FXIM use real money?
No, the real money is not necessary in there being the demonstration account for the exercise of the real account to the last. I have you perform the business for the virtual fund. There is the case that business results are different with a demonstration account and the real account. Please understand it.
Is there a difference between the rate fluctuation in demo and real trades?
They are almost the same although there is a slight difference between the rate fluctuations. Regarding the contract ability they are completely equivalent. We would like to recommend you to try on this efficient demo trade.
Can I profit from my demo account?
No. The funds in the demo accounts are for practice purposes only, and there are no actual gains or losses so there is no way to withdraw money.
Can I trade with my demo account on the weekend?
Trading hours are
Sunday GMT 22:00 to Friday GMT 19:00.
How many months is the demonstration account effective?
The demonstration account is effective for 15 days from the day when I had you register yourself. It is over 15 days, and please apply for a demonstration account in the case of the hope by the use again.

About account establishment

What is a real account?
An account for actual deposits and trading, the gains and losses of which become gains and losses for the customer. The minimum deposit for a real account is $1500, and the maximum leverage for trading is 500:1. As an example, at 100:1 leverage with a deposit of $100, one can do a maximum of $10,000 dollars worth of trading.
I would like to open an account. Can I fill out an application online?
Yes you can. Follow this link to apply online. Apply online here
When should I submit my personal identification?
Step 1 - Submit Proof of Identity:
Send your ID to order@fx-im.com. Send copy of one official forms of ID. The copy must be a photo ID.
You may use a driver's license or passport. Send a scanned image, a picture taken with a digital camera, or a photo-mail.
When should I submit my personal identification?
Any time after applying to open an account. You may send the identification to order@fx-im.com
How many days does it take to open an account? When can I confirm my account has opened?
Your account will open in about 3 minutes. You will immediately receive an automatic Email response at your registered Email address after you fill in the application form. Make sure you fill in all the required information.
What is necessary for the identification card to submit at the time of account establishment?
At FXIM, we require all customers to submit the documents listed below when they open accounts, in order to ensure your trades are done with peace of mind. 1. A copy of your passport with a photo. A copy of your driver's license with a photo. Or one of either.
Do not you understand a method of the account establishment?
I input a necessary matter into an account establishment input form than a speed account application for FXIM precisely, and the part of the account establishment application is completed. I submit a required document and become our examination afterwards.
Are there a condition and the limit for account establishment?
The principle account establishment is possible regardless of nationality if more than 20 years old.
※When I satisfy the condition mentioned above, there is a case to decline business by our examination.
In addition, in that case, I cannot answer it about the examination contents at all. Please understand it beforehand.
There is the matter which I want to change in the contents which filled out application documents. Is it necessary to make entry of an application once again from a beginning?
It is not necessary to have you fill out application documents again when there is a change in bank information, a phone number, the address. Please inform it of a change matter by an email. But it is necessary to have you do account application again when you have a personal account, and it is hoped for the establishment of the joint account.
I received an e-mail saying my account has been established. When can I begin making transactions?
As soon as the money you have deposited is reflected on your account you can begin making transactions. Even if you haven't made a deposit, you may log in at any time.
Can multiple account be opened by one person?
Multiple account can be opened by following method A or B.
(A) If you wish an additional account to new account after the deposit,
you need to deposit more than $1,000 after opening new account. We will contact you as soon as we confirm the deposit to initial account. Then, please contact us: order@fx-im.com with Subject: "Request of Additional Account" Content: "Initial account login ID" "Name of trading account" if you wish an additional account. We will open an additional account and issue Login ID and Pass. You will not need to re-send copy of Identification as we received such in the initial stage. After the issuance of Login ID and Pass, you need to deposit more than $1,000 to an additional account.

(B) If you wish for an additional account in the time of new account opening,
Please inform us for request of additional account and deposit amount for both trading account in the time of new account opening. After new account is opened, you need to deposit to both trading account at once. As soon as informed deposit amount and deposited amount matches, we will issue Login ID and Pass for an additional account.
I'd like to open multiple accounts. Do I need to repeat the process from the beginning for each account?
No, so long as the accounts are of the same type there is no need. Please send an e-mail inquiring about an "additional account request" to
order@fx-im.com. At this time, depending on the type of account you may need to fill out additional forms. Please clearly specify your name and account number.
Is it possible to open an account as a corporation?
Yes, it is possible.
I sent my proof of identity and signed electronically however I have yet to receive my account information. What should I do?
We apologize for the inconvenience but please send us an e-mail with the above information as well as your name and time of registration to support@fx-im.com
The address listed on my ID and the address of my current residence are different. Can I still open an account?
Unfortunately, no. Please confirm the address on your ID before signing up.
Can you send me my ID or password via regular mail?
We don't send this information via regular mail. Your ID and/or password will be sent to the e-mail entered at the time of registration.
If I open an account but don't deposit any money, what happens to it?
If the account starts out and remains empty for a long period of time (3 months or longer), a log-in lock will occur.

About user info

Is the presentation of the identification card necessary?
It is necessary.
It is used for confirming that prevention of the injustice by the third person, the account expenditures ahead when I file for proof, the expenditures that the person himself who established it has dealings are person himself name. I hope for early presentation.

About Iride money

How do I deposit money?
You can deposit money via by wiring money. For more information as to how to do this, follow the directions found on our Transaction Summary page.
How much will a minimum receipt of money amount of money after the account establishment be?
Business is begun with minimum $ 1000 in FXIM.
Where will the funds be transferred to if I deposit funds?
After depositing funds, the funds will be transferred to bank account designated by FXIM by each financial institutions. After receiving such funds, funds will be processed to be reflected to trading account.
What currencies do you accept for funds deposits?
It will be possible [to handle multiple currencies in the future.] However, at present this is still in the planning and preparation stage, so the trading account currency is dollars.
Do you have an example of a filled-in withdrawal form?
Yes, Please click here for an example of a completed bank transfer withdrawal form.
I transfered my money in yen, not dollars. Will this be a problem?
We're sorry to inform you that transfers received in yen may take up to two weeks to process. If you do not wish to wait two weeks, we recommend contacting your bank to recall the transfer, after which you may resend it.
How long does it take to funds to be deposited to trading account?
As introduced on the website of FXIM, it takes time to reflect such on trading account depending on depositing method.
※The funds will be reflected on trading account exceeding time period to reflect such funds depending on countries and areas.
※Deposit made on holidays of each financial institutions and out of business hour will not be included in its business day.
Is business possible for the fund after the receipt of money immediately?
Business is possible as soon as the receipt of money is reflected by a business account.
Can I process for deposit if account holder for trading account and payer differ?
Account holder for trading company and payer's name needs to be matched. If not, funds cannot be reflected to trading account and the funds will be returned to payer's account. In this case, please note that transfer fee and time for process be required. Trading account will be limited until the completion of such process.
Can I transfer funds from registered financial institution?
Yes, you can transfer funds from registered financial institution. We will make payment to registered account in the time of contribution.
Which bears the transfer fee?
The transfer fee that the receipt of money to our designated account costs becomes a visitor burden.
Can I move funds between trading accounts?
Name of both transferring account and receiving account need to be the same. If not, funds cannot be transferred. It takes 2 to 3 working days to reflect transferring funds. If you wish, please send an E-mail to accounting@fx-im.com

The expenditures

Is there a maximum amount for one withdrawal?
TAll of the customer's assets can be withdrawn at any time. However, there is a minimum of $250 for wire transfers. A customer who wants a wire transfer for an amount less than $250 must pay a $50 processing fee, which is deducted from the customer's account.
I can pay money, and what is the sum?
It is an amount of money that it can ask for the expenditures in the state of the business account of the point in time.
Does it cost the fee by a thing of the expenditures?
Besides I become our burden about the transfer fee that the expenditures cost.
How long does it take to contribute funds?
If it is bank account, it takes 2 to 5 working days.
※Funds can be reflected to trading account after aforementioned time period depending on countries and areas.
※Holidays and after business hours for each financial institution are not included.
Can I process to contribute funds even though beneficialy name of the account differs from name of contributed bank account?
Beneficiary name of trading account and payer's bank account need to be the same.
If not, funds cannot be contributed. Funds cannot be processed to be contrbuted other than registered financial institutions.
Can you pay money by foreign currency?Can you pay money by foreign currency?
It is possible. The dealings account currency becomes dollar basis
Can you pay in cash?
No. Cash cannot be used. Payment is limited to bank accounts.

About business

Can I change it in the indication time for system?
It is displayed in (GMT) in Greenwich Mean Time and, in the indication time for system, is.
Because I use a system in various countries in the world, We are sorry, but cannot change indication time.
From what time to what time can I place orders?
Trading opens at
22:00 Sunday (GMT) and closes at 19:00 Friday (GMT).
What are the minimum and maximum trade amounts?
The minimum trade unit is a unit of 1 lot (1000 currency). There is no maximum trade size.
Is the buying and selling fee charged?
It's free.
How long does the price of the limit order have to separate it from a rate at the time of the order?
It can not set the limit order from a current rate when too near.
Is the leverage made to several times at the maximum?
It is 500 times or less. A basic setting increases by a factor of 500. It will be possible to change later. If you wish to change leverage settings, please contact support@fx-im.com
Is the double operation possible?
Yes, it's possible.
Is there any margin call?
There is it. Deposit money maintenance rate is equal to or less than 20% and becomes margin call.
Is loss every position whether it is cut? Is it the whole account?
It is the whole account.
Can a loss frame grow big than deposition deposit money?
Because I settle an account by a forced loss cut basically at a position, there cannot be the thing that Additional deposit money occurs.
Can I make dealings even though I have a managed account? How can I confirm my dealings?
Customers who have managed accounts are not allowed to use the platform. They are in charge of the trades of our company. For this reason, you may not confirm your balance either. You can use the service if you terminate your contract with the managed account.To confirm your dealings, you can check your balance and transaction history by logging into our specified URL through our Email.
I cannot login to the platform.
Have you entered all the required information in the application form? Please be careful with your correct Email address. After the registration you will receive an automated Email immediately with your Username and Password. If not, it is likely you have a problem with your Email settings. Please ask us at order@fx-im.com after you change your settings.
I got rejected on development orders and settlements many times. They are showing me a pop out sign.
Rates of FXIM frequently changes on account of setting up rates in details. They can change when the prices do not change to a large extent in the market. In developments the initial settings of trading range is 0. We recommend you to set the rate to 10 (1PIPS) or over if you wish to make orders or settlements as soon as possible.


About a system

What kind of state do you call the system glitch?
I do the case that we judged when there is malfunction in in the state that a visitor does not have you order it via the Internet and a business system with a system glitch.
What does the order when system glitch time and a PC fell do?
At the time of the system glitch, I cannot hear an order at all. Even if it puts it in us, there is a threat that it becomes difficult to access the information of the visitor, and, in such a situation bottom, it causes an accident to perform an order, and the reason is because it thinks that it is connected in the disadvantage of the visitor by it. Please understand it.
When a system glitch occurred, how will you notify me of it?
When a system glitch is confirmed and caused a delay in business by Internet way, I announce it at the homepage top. But there is a case to be in a situation that is hard to access the homepage by an obstacle.
I will sentence you to a notice only for facts of the system glitchs at first to solve a system glitch as possible quickly. Please understand it. I announce it after restoration about the detailed obstacle contents.
※ We will not contact emails using other tools. Please understand it.
Because I was not able to order it as I thought at the time of a system glitch, a loss was given. Will the loss make up?
The loss that is like this is the loss at an opportunity.
The decision of the about set price is not possible about the loss at an opportunity, and the calculation of the amount of loss is not possible.
Therefore, in this case please understand it beforehand because I cannot make up for the loss of the visitor.
※I do not guarantee filling in all losses by the system glitch as well as a loss at an opportunity.
※I have account establishment in judgment and the responsibility of the visitor after I understand our article and the business rule of each article to a visitor enough and examine, and having understood risks enough again.
The fear that the trouble such as system machinery, the communications equipment limit of the business by the unexpected situation produces is included in the risk.

About a tax / Final income tax return

The application method of the tax?
Please report it by a method determined in a residence country. We cannot prepare special documents


Will I be able to get support through a telephone?
Due to reasons below, support is done using email as a general rule.
1) Not performing telemarketing sales and/or similar activities.
2) Emails show the core problem more accurately than telephones.
3) Using emails can keep a log of the interaction.
My address has changed, how can I change my address?
Please contact us through the support form, then send us an attachment of an identification papers for confirmation. Once the papers go through, we will change the address.
Can you tell me my log in ID and/or password through a telephone?
No. We cannot tell you through a phone. The confirmation will be done in an email sent to your registered email address.
How do I cancel my account?
It cannot be done through a telephone. Please contact us using the support form.
※Account cancellation cannot be done when the account balance is above 0. Fill out the payment form, and send it to accounting@fx-im.com
Once an account is opened, unless there are specific requests to cancel it, it will be available to use any time in the future for transactions.
A family member who had been trading passed away. What should I do?
When a deceased family member owned a trading account with our company, we will request procedures to return the deceased person's guaranty money and to terminate the account contract.
Please contact our company support staff at support@fx-im.com We will forward the necessary forms and tell you what certificates you will need to prepare.
What is an IB Partner?
In short words it refers to agency management. It is similar to affiliation. You can start without taking any risks. For inquiry, please feel free to contact us atibpartner@fx-im.com

 Risk Disclosure

Foreign exchange transaction may not be suitable for all investors.Forex carries a high level of risk.The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you.Before deciding to trade any such foreign exchange transaction you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment.Therefore, you should not invest money that you cannot afford to loss.You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubt.
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